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1 We offer a 6 month warranty subject to the conditions below.

2. We fully run the caravan/static to make sure all is working correctly: water boiler, heater, oven, lights, power system, motor mover
(subject to the conditions below), gas system, ELE WOF, Gas Cert, motor registration, fridge, toilet, plumbing, road WOF.

3. Some of the above items may not apply to the caravan/static eg. mover, Road WOF, braking system etc. Warranty does not include items not stated on window card.

4. Photos of all are taken for future reference.

5. Any repairs authorised by Affordable Caravans off their site must first be authorised by Affordable Caravans before work commences. An extensive written quote is to be provided showing work to be undertaken and full breakdown of costs and timeline to fix. No repairs to be started until Affordable Caravans authorises work to commence.

6. Any repairs undertaken by Affordable Caravans outside of warranty will require full payment before commencement of repair, including freight, parts, labour, storage etc.

7. Warranty does not include general wear and tear, heavy handling eg to windows, latches, wheels, locks, hatches, blinds, legs, cabinets, cladding and trims, floors etc.

8. Motor movers (second hand) already on the caravan, even though tested on our site have no warranty once caravan/static leaves our yard. New movers installed by Affordable Caravans are under warranty however.

9. There is no warranty on areas to be found to be rotted, leaking, soft etc once the static/caravan leaves our yard. Fixing of these areas is not the responsibility or cost of Affordable Caravans. However consideration will be given if this possibility arises.

10. Any repairs are to be carried out at a time that suits both parties.

11. Warranty does not cover windows, crazed windows (front or back outside clips crazed or cracked), hatches, chassis, brakes, couplings, legs, woodwork, floors, (soft or rotted), doors (sliding or main), cupboard doors, internal/outside lights, awnings, motor movers (unless new ones we have fitted), solar panels, tv, aerial, any parts other companies have installed eg Solar panel, tv, etc

12. Any warranty claims on caravan/static when used for permanent living will be at the discretion of Affordable Caravans.

13. If caravan/static is authorised by Affordable Caravans to be repaired by another repairer (not Affordable Caravans) and this does not work out, caravan/static will have to be repaired at Affordable Caravans yard. Freight to and from Affordable Caravans yard, storage, accommodation etc is at the owners responsibility and cost.

14. When authorisation from Affordable Caravans is given and caravan/static is repaired and customer, owner/repairer refuses to supply detailed invoice or tell us what has been repaired payment will not be made. Invoice just saying caravan repaired and total owing will not be paid. Must have full details of repair, photos etc.

15. Factory fitted UK tv aerials do not work in NZ. These will not be wired or installed.

16. Warranty can not be transferred if caravan/static is sold to a new owner.

Further purchase/warranty details:

INSURANCE: Please insure your caravan/static before it leaves the yard. It is not the responsibility of Affordable Caravans to inform purchaser or other that the caravan/static should be insured when leaving yard, whether caravan /static is towed on the road or freighted on truck or other.

1. The removal of tow ball on customers car to fit new 50mm ball is the customers responsibility and care prior to collection.
2. Affordable Caravans accepts no responsibility for any existing fire extinguisher in the caravan/static caravan It is the responsibility of the purchaser or other to check the effectiveness of the fire extinguisher.
3. Affordable Caravans accepts no warranty claims when a generator or invertor has been used to run caravan or static.
4. Any warranty claim will only be carried out on our premises. The purchaser is responsible for returning and picking up caravan or static from our yard. All costs, freight, accommodation, transport, storage fee etc are the purchasers responsibility.
5. Warranty will be cancelled if caravan/static is altered in any way eg. has removed doors, floor changes, walls, appliances removed etc
6. Any repair undertaken or preformed must be by qualified or certified personal eg. electrician, certified gas fitter, registered plumber, registered 12V technician or the warranty will be cancelled. Proof of Tradesperson Certification is required.
7. Warranty will be cancelled if any repairs are undertaken without Affordable Caravan’s written approval.

The Warranty on all parts is dependant on their use & fitting . All elecrtrical and gas parts need to be fiited by a qualified person.No returns on electrical items incorrectly purchased if unpackaged.
Awning warranty: we will fix awning that has a fault in the early stages of use. Any fault will be obvious after a couple of times of the awning being erected
However, there are many user errors that can contribute to an awning failure ,Erecting incorrectly,weather related incidents and lack of maintenance on your awning can all contribute to diminishing the life span of your awning.
Storm straps are required to be used 
CONDENSATION: This is not a fault of the product, but due to uncontrollable atmospheric conditions.
All awning failures will need to have these points taken into consideration and evaluated before a repair can be authorised.

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